LightScribe for Pisi Linux


Hardware pre -requisites:

Your CD writer must have the LightScribe logo. You have to use special CD-R that have the LightScribe logo.


LightScribe comes in two different packages : lightScribe and 4L. You have to download LightScribe Host Software and 4L (LaCie LightScribe Labeler).

Save them both to the desktop or in a Folder.


First of all, make sure that rpm2targz is installed using Package Manager.

In Konsole, successively run:

cd /home/<username>/Desktop
rpm2targz lightscribe-

rpm2targz 4L-1.0-r6.i586.rpm

Open the file manager in administrator mode :

xdg-su -c dolphin

and move the newly created .tar.gz files to /

Right click on each of them, and select "Extract" > "Extract Here"

Running LightScribe in Konsole

To run LightScribe, type the following command line into “Run Command” (Alt-F2)

xdg-su -c 4L-gui

You have to provide the administrator password to use LightScribe.

With the mouse

You can also create a link to LightScribe on your desktop.

Right click on your Desktop > "Create a new" > "Link to an application"

In the "General" tab, give a name to your link, for example LightScribe CD labeler.

In the "Application" tab, on the line named "command", write xdg-su -c /usr/bin/4L-gui.

Validate your modifications by clicking on the OK button.

Now you can launch LightScribe with a simple click !

You have to provide the administrator password to use LightScribe.

Note that you can also attribute an icon to this specific application.

Creating your labels

You can create your own CD labels with GIMP and the CDlabel plugin.