Printer with Pisi Linux Part 1


The most of you need a Printer for the work with the Computer.
But now the Questions what is with Pisi Linux support it my Printer?

No worries about it, i try here to give you a solution for it.
It gives a lot of Printer's from different Manufacturers, and it gives a lot of different Drivers.
At the most Linux Distributions is cups installed such as in Pisi Linux.
When you connect your Printer in Pisi Linux and go to the Menu>Settings>System Settings>Printer and open it you see it detects your Printer you must only install the Driver.

But now the Questions where can i found my Driver for Linux. Here any Links for the Printer Driver search for Pisi Linux:

At the first it gives the Open Printing Site for Linux

Open Printing Website

As next Site you can search here Linux Hardware Compatibility Lists & Linux Drivers:

Linux Hardware Compatibility Lists & Linux Drivers:

And for your Scanners you can search here List of supported scanners by sane

List of supported scanners by sane

More about Printers with introducing can you read in Part 2 of Printer with Pisi Linux