Official desktop version of Telegram in Pisi Linux so can you use it

You will use Official desktop version of Telegram in Pisi Linux?

At the first you can download the Package from here:

Official desktop version of Telegram

This Package is a 64bit Package for Linux.

Before you can use it you must install the following Dependencies:

sudo pisi it: libx11 ibgcrypt lbasyncns libsndfile libdbus openal libogg libopus portaudio openssl zlib libexif xz

It could be that the most Packages are installed and ready to use, check it before you go further.

Extract now when you ready the package tsetup, you found after extracting a Folder with the Name telegram

In this folder you found 2 executable Files named, Telegram and Updater.

So you can put now the Telegram folder in your Home Directory or in an other folder, i have for Programs who work out of the box a folder who calls "bin" in my Home Directory.

Now you can create a Start Menu entry and can work with Telegram.

For the Menu entry make a right click on the Menu (Pisi Linux icon), and click on edit Application, you see the following Window:

Open the section Internet by click on the +, and click on the Word Internet and on New Item give in the name telegram:

Now you see on the right side this one:

You can give in a description and a comment, i have give in as description the following "Telegram is a cloud-based mobile and desktop messaging app with a focus on security and speed." and as comment "taking back our right to privacy"
from the original website.

Now you need the command click on "open file dialog " on the right side by command, go to the Folder where the executable Telegram file is and click on it.

Now you can place an icon to it click on the field where you see the icon here, let read in all other icons, and click on other icons and Browse and search the icon what you will use. After it forget not to save and you have now a Menu entry for Telegram.

You can use the original Icon from the Website , click right on it and save it.